Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Toby, you let me down

All week, Toby, all week, we've seen you in that lavender linked hearts shirt. I was hopeful, optimistic even, that you were wearing something equally decent on the bottom. Although the shirt may be a bit juvenile, it is a refreshing departure from the revolting patterns so popular in Santa Royale, and certainly better than things you've worn in the past. Toby, I was expecting some kicky clamdiggers or maybe a flirty Just-Be-Gauze skirt. Even matching lavender pants, which I know you own, would not have disappointed me as much as you did yesterday. You wore a houndstooth skirt, proving that your sense of fashion is just as dull as Sean Finnery's drawling narration.


Miss Emish said...

it's really too bad there is no way to incorporate the "fluidity" of the neckline of this remarkable shirt. Alas, the real world will not oblige with the morphing collar.

Tina said...

I really wanted to make it reversible so two necklines could be worn (depending on how flirty you feel) and the hearts detachable so they could be placed anywhere. But I didn't have enough lavender fabric, so once I get more there will a much better version.

The options for this shirt are amazing - it's like owning 10 different outfits, depending on how you wear it.

Karen said...

I am ashamed to admit that I own the shirt Toby is wearing in today's (9/12) Mary Worth. Mine is teal, not lavender. And mine is cotton; I don't think she has any natural fibers in her closet. So it's not a perfect match, but it is close enough for me to want to burn that blouse when I get home from work today.