Thursday, August 28, 2008


Being too poor to actually buy any of Santa Royale's hip, couture fashions, I must make them myself. With so many inspiring and majestic designs, I'd like some opinions. What would you really like to see next?

The Serenity Starfish Top

Far too elegant to just be called a "tee-shirt", this top embodies the peace and beauty of the ocean (when the weather allows.) Perfect for a semi-formal dinner date at the Bum Boat.

The Modern Squares Tunic

Time consuming, yes, but guaranteed to be an immensely satisfying endeavor as it will undoubtedly be the most unflattering thing I've ever created.

The Year-Round Scuba Dress

So very versatile, this dress seems to be not really appropriate for any season, so thus can and should be worn throughout the year. Combining eastern details with stiff, thick polyester makes for an outfit reminiscent of the most American sport of all time: scuba diving.

The Shroom Striped V-Neck

Remember that time in college when you ate some "special" chocolates and the shag carpet in the basement looked like the Sahara Desert? Same goes for this top, except the stripes look like beautiful ocean waves, crashing on the beach. Listen close - the rustling of polyester will sound like seagulls.

You can vote in the poll to the right.


yanub said...

Man, I don't know which one to choose, but when I do decide, where exactly am I to find this poll? I don't see it on the sidebar.

I lean toward the year-round scuba dress, just because it is the single most daring outfit ever worn in Santa Royale. I mean, you'd never catch Mary Worth in bondage gear! She keeps that stuff strictly for Jeff to wear after their dinner dates.

Toonhead said...

Go for the modern squares! Purple chitinous plates.

yanub said...

Oh, good--the poll is loading now.