Friday, August 15, 2008

A Very Useful Guide to Technology

Given the recent events involving Toby and her computing aptitude, many of us have been left rather confused. Knowing that Santa Royale is technologically ahead by a least 15 years, I've been unable to focus on the plot while trying to make sense of all the things computers can do. I hope this little guide will help everyone who is in the same Bum Boat as me.

MagnoMail Lite

Features include:

* Small, compact monitor capable of displaying up to 4 lines of text per screen
* 86pt text
* No "mouse" accessory or other cumbersome add-ons

PortaMail Pro

Features include:

* Hip, slimline look
* 100% portable (sometimes called a "lap-top")
* 92pt text allows up to 3 lines per screen
* No silly, unnecessary programs - only can be used for electronic mail

MediScan SR93

Features include:

* Convenient 6x10 monitor
* Simple, non-cluttered screen displays precise graphs
* Does not actually scan

SecuroCompute XL

Features include:

* Maximum 1 line of text per screen leaves you less vunerable to others seeing large amounts of personal information
* TextMuddle option - displays scribbles rather than text as you type
* Perfect for those with past problems of computer security

AdvancedTech Mini

Features include:

* Multiple items per screen for advanced users
* Normal text size for the non-vision impaired
* Optional accessories like a "mouse" for expert programmers
*MicroType one-handed cordless keyboard with 22 letter keys, 7 number keys, and no obsolete function keys (thank you toonhead, you have a keen eye!)

MidComp Deluxe

Features include:

* Comes with 2 programs - limited internet for shopping and electronic mail - for the moderately advanced user
* Ideal for women
* Mouseless operation
* No filters for spam, junk mail, promotional offers, unsolicited sales email, mass virus-infected mail, scams, "too good to be true" offers
* Automatically deletes bothersome legitimate emails warning of phishing and compromised account security when you register for any site


Toonhead said...

Don't forget the compact keyboard on the AdvancedTech Mini to facilitate one handed typing and no inconvenient function keys.

Tina said...

Thank you - you have a keen eye and impressive technological knowledge!